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Complex Systems Development implements complex solutions for the storage, search and utilization of the content generated in an organization that uses large volumes of information: financial-banking institutions, hospitals and medical services, government institutions, retail, media and telecommunication institutions, etc.


The platforms implemented by Complex Systems Development are COTS type, developed by the most important vendors (EMC, KOFAX, IMB, Microsoft, Fujitsu) and include tools and interrogation functionalities and information browsing, linguistic relevance for specialized domains (the search system understands the real meaning of the question and includes specific instruments like spell checking, grammar), intelligent marketing, mobile searching, real time alerts for stored content, e-commerce, contextual advertisement an search marketing, automatic monitoring of video and audio transmissions, etc.
No matter what the size and main field of your company, the business processes are based on data and information, most of which are unstructured. Most of the time, the data resides in forms more or less standardized that must be entered in informational applications, relational databases, through manual processes, that can be time consuming, require a large amount of human resources and carry a high risk of errors.
The digital conversion services and data capture from paper based documents, that Complex System Development will be implementing help to optimize your organizations operations, regardless if they are banking institutions, public institutions or private companies, helping the operational departments and informational system managers in the automation of data extraction processes, improving the accuracy level of extracted data and minimizing the time allocated for this activity.
The business processes are rapidly changing and being competitive requires a flexibility that is difficult to achieve in the absence of a good correlation between applications and activities. Implementation of business enterprise solutions enables better use of existing IT investments and the possibility of developing new services. In addition, these solutions significantly reduce risks resulting from noncompliance with regulations or quality standards. The electronic archive represents informational systems that will convert the archival fund of an institution / company in an electronic format. The implementation of an Informational System for Electronic Archiving is intended to manage all types of documents, data and information existing within the institution or company.
Electronic archiving is a key hardware / software solutions that allows you to administer using the same electronic interface as well as paper based documents.
The system must meet the requirements defined by any of the compartments and provide accurate, complete and timely information for decision makers. In this respect, electronic archives will make it possible to obtain concrete digital images completed with host document images from the physical archive.
The advantages of Document management are:
1. Integration in a single interface, easy to use, of all departments and workflows inside an organization;
2. The possibility of collaborative work, establishing the route that each type of document has to make inside the company;
3. Logical reorganization of the physical archive so that an automatic link is established between the physical and electronic archive (the same organizational structure is kept in the case of both types of archives, mentioning the moment of archiving and the location of the document processed);
4. The fast conversion in digital format of a significant volume of paper based documents (the scanner is equipped with an automatic feeding mechanism);
5. Very high compression of images obtained through scanning saves your storage resources;
6. Efficient administration of millions of documents by your institution’s administrators;
7. Visualization mode of electronic documents archive simulates the situation of a physical archive (folders, binders, lockers, papers);
8. The possibility to work in an intranet and / or internet network;
9. Document access security (possibility of 128 bit encryption). This requires security measures in order to avoid the unauthorized access to valuable information (access is limited at the level of users and user groups);
10. Immediate import of faxes or other network documents. Automated archiving of e-mails;
11. Possibility to index every document, so that finding a document will not be a problem and the response time of your institution will be in the order of minutes in order to find a document;
12. Full text indexation of documents (for scanned documents you can use OCR integrated applications);
13. The possibility to send work tasks through the network;
14. The possibility to integrate other applications implemented in the organization (ERP, CRM, e-mail, etc.);
15. The possibility to annotate documents, without modifying the original document;
16. Access control through setting access rights to documents or working rights with documents (view, edit, delete, print, send through fax or email).
The advantages of using the proposed informational systems:
– A proven solution, already implemented and successfully used in Allianz for processing thousands of documents / day, with a similar remote architecture;
– Accelerating business processes through document and forms collection, converting them to reliable and recoverable information, as well as sending them to internal applications;
– Accuracy of transmitted information in the database is 100%, based on a SLA agreement signed with our company;
– Optimizing the workflow and minimizing the actual workload for manual processing costs;
– Integration in a unit with scanning equipment and with content and document management systems;
– Consistency of image capturing, that is capable of indexing and validation of your important information;
– A modular application that can be used straight “out of the box” in order to satisfy the needs of information capturing from a certain department with an extension possibility to fulfill the complex requirements of a large workload, a mandatory architecture for operators;
– Improved image quality and more accurate information for your current / future, back-end content management system.
Professionalism, accuracy and competence define us, represent and constitute the essence of our partners satisfaction. The services supplied by our company rely on highly qualified personnel, the latest technologies in the field and compliance with the highest quality standards.

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