The electronic archiving of documents involves replacing the physical medium and the production, management and use of data files. By using this method, the old systematic archives full of documents that deteriorate with time and are more or less organized, are eliminated and replaced with well organized archives that do not take up a lot of physical space and are easy to manage and store.

Electronic archiving allows the operation of documents in two ways:
– Digitizing the old physical archive
– Immediate issuing of new documents, in electronic format.
The Benefits of electronic archiving are numerous, the most important of which being:
– The electronic document cannot deteriorate and is thus available in the same condition over time, the images being identical to the original document
– Reduction of costs generated by the storage and handling of documents
– Avoiding the registration errors
– Minimizing the archiving and search times
– Information security (level access codes and surveillance system of operations performed)
– The existence of multiple search filters (on the physical support there are either one or two – progressive numerical and anagraphical)
– The possibility to remotely consult documents
– The use of data packages in different ways to always have a 360 degree view of information
– The option to label documents on entry and exit

Archiving services

We simplify and customize the electronic archive structure through personalized solutions. Complex Systems Development fulfills all legal and financial requirements regarding the conservation and data storage of electronic documents.
With Complex Systems Development it is possible to electronically archive any type of documents such as:
– Manuscripts, old newspapers and books;
– Maps;
– Technical documents;
– Cadastral maps;
– Medical documents / files, prescriptions;
– Fiscal and accounting documents
– Personnel documents
– Contracts
– Regulations, manuals, normative acts, notices;
– Documents and files belonging to banking, insurance, and pension fund institutions;
– documents on Audio/video support.

Digitization services

We convert paper based documents to digital files. This service is provided with state of the art and high performance equipment, an investment made by our company to the benefit of the client in order to provide quality and operational swiftness regardless of the document format.

Automatic scanning

The conversion and digital archiving centers of Complex System Development are equipped with the latest technologies regarding the conversion equipment (Panasonic, Canon, Fujitsu, ImageACCESS, Canotex), regarding the scanning equipment, OCR, conversion and workflow (Kofax, EMC, ABBYY) but also regarding the IT&C infrastructure and security (Fujitsu, IBM, NetApp, Microsoft, RedHat, CISCO, FortiGate, APC, Symantec).
The electronic documents are stored in our infrastructure for a period of 30 days after completion of your project; it is possible however, on request, to store the documents for a longer period of time.
Approximately 500 000 pages per day can be processed in our conversion centers and over 10 million pages per month at resolutions larger than 400dpi (native optical resolution).
The documents can be scanned on both front and back during only one pass through the scanner, and delivery of images is performed in real time. The hardware is equipped with multi-feed detection sensors and ultrasounds automatically detecting if the scanner has ingested more than one page, this way reducing the error rate and increasing the project accuracy. Image processing (de-skew, crop, different corrections and optimizations) are automatically realized inside the scanner, before the scanned images reach our operators applications.
In order to optimize the operational and logistical costs, Complex Systems Development possesses document conversion centers with national coverage but also in the Republic of Moldova. Finally, this strategy has been implemented in order to delineate projects that require confidentiality and high security but also for conversion projects that require decentralized or centralized scanning.

Manual scanning

Regarding the case of documents with unusual shapes or that require special handling and uses manual scanning: there are multiple types of documents and different sizes and new formats can always appear, but there also can be: bound documents like books and old manuscripts, deteriorated documents, books, magazines, brochures, technical drawings, X-rays, newspapers, etc. In order to manually scan these we use special scanners, that do not come in direct physical contact with the documents, scanners used in the most renowned manuscript and degraded document restoration and conversion laboratories. We are proud owners and users of this equipment from leading manufacturers such as ImageAccess, Fujitsu and Contex, that allow the capturing of images based on light producing little or no heat without any using any UV radiation.

Document binding

The services regarding binding documents provided by Complex Systems Development help you to obtain a long term legal conformity, financial economies and also better time and storage management. We use the most qualitative materials and accessible instruments on the market to build the archive units. The binding team at Complex Systems Development works fast, efficient and is very determined. The document binding can be done in the space made available by the client or in the Complex Systems Development centers, by authorized personnel specialized in document archiving tasks and document binding.

Archiving consultancy

The Complex System Development consultants are experts in the management and archiving of documents and in administrative support services. Through use of our services a cost reduction and minimization of lost time in made, leading to a more efficient functioning through the assurance of legal and regulation conformity, protection of important documents and offering easy access to information.
Complex System Development can meet the demands of any company, regardless of it’s scope of work, in order to elaborate and start document management programs of documents and administrative services that support their business operations.
The practice in consultancy given by Complex System Development in the field of administration of written documents is capitalized through our licensed intermediaries with experience in this particular field of work. We offer practical solutions to our clients.
Our projects can include:

  • Development and drawing up of the archiving nomenclature;
  • Development of policy and procedures that refer to the documents within a company;
  • Development of document maintenance programs;
  • Administering necessary evaluations regarding the electronic administration technology of documents and their storage;
  • Measuring of current data in the field of document managing according to national and international standards and necessary guidelines for their improvement;
  • Application of audit policies in the management of documents throughout the entire company;
  • Supplying training and consultancy services for company personnel.

The growing concern regarding the management of written records in the public and private sector is fueled by issues of conformity, avoiding risks, information classification, document maintenance, as well as document removal. These are some of the benefits that implementing a complete record administration program has to offer:
– The ability to quickly and constantly identify the necessity to retain a record in the necessary amount of time.
– The creation and maintenance of a credible record system with the possibility to use this in case of litigation, internal audit and governmental investigations;
– Compliance with legal custodial conditions and regulations improve the operational efficacy, and also reduces the need for space and equipment;
– Integration of the document administration system in the processes and work methods of your company.
Our archive consultancy service team will structure and organize your company’s documents according to their categories.

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